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How to clean carpets at home: products and strategies to eliminate odors and stains.  

rtyDiscover how to remove stains and odors from your carpet rebels to improve the appearance and deodorizing your carpets.

All carpets need care and attention. Although we are careful with daily use, crayon stains, food, dirt or dust become difficult to avoid. In fact, many people today choose not to have carpets at home because of the effort involved in cleaning, but some simple techniques and carried out regularly make carpet care easy and simple task.

Here some simple ways by professional carpet store in Seattle to remove stains and persistent odors in your carpets. For more tips, you can also consult our article on how to remove stains from the carpet.

Tips for cleaning carpets: Removes stains and lingering odors

r56When it comes to carpet cleaning, simply using soap and water is not enough, especially if it is difficult stains, odors or deep dirt and dust accumulated for months.

To deal with stains and dirt, worth seeking out a product specially designed to clean carpets and choose a carpet soap powder instead of a liquid. Liquid soap can take hours to dry and you cannot stay in the room until you are ready. Powdered products act more quickly and do a good job.

Natural products for carpet cleaning

727-ss-how-to-spot-clean-carpet-in-your-homeIf you prefer natural products for carpet cleaning, there are some basic elements that surely going to have in the kitchen and they can achieve wonders. Most people have heard about the use of mineral water or tonic water to counteract coffee stains, but baking soda is also a good alternative to remove dirt or stains absorb. In addition, baking soda absorbs odors that hide between the fibers of the carpet.

Tips for cleaning carpets

Using the carpet cleaning powder

 Whether you choose a carpet cleaning powder or baking soda, this is the best method that you can follow:carpetcleaningwithdog
  • Sprinkle generously over the carpets.
  • Let the powder sit at least 30 minutes, but if you can leave overnight, it is better, as this will give the cleaner a chance to work and soften the stains and odors.
  • Spend vacuum the dusted areas.

Using carpet cleaner liquid detergent

home-and-decor-niche-7The liquid detergent is another popular way to clean carpets, and the steps that recommend are:Used the solution as indicated on the package.In many cases, you’ll have to dilute the product in water.Use only enough liquid detergent to cover the area.It is always recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous area before application.Not too moist the carpet: it is not just a waste of product, but also will increase the drying time.Rub particularly difficult areas with a stiff bristle brush.Allow the carpet to dry.It sucks soap once it has dried.

Tips for stains in general

In the case of isolated spots, it is always better to try to clean as soon as possible before the stain to dry completely. While you can use soap to clean carpets, also worth trying these tips:

  • For sticky spots as chicle, It toughens the area with ice before attempting to remove the whole piece.
  • For smelly stains, mix equal parts vinegar and warm water and applied to the area with a cloth.

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